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We create bold & forward

Online Media is growing

Availability and Convenience drive the continues success of online media. Global reach with minimal efforts sport the competition.

We create solutions that are bold and forward looking

Based on each use case we choose the best fitting solution and customise this on all levels towards the envisioned goal.

A perfect balance between design and usability

With our team of developers and designers we create a wholesome experience for the customers accelerating their usage for best results.

Outsource Operations

If you have limited resources for operating your project. Hire our team to to keep it up and running. We can cover your editorial department, content curation, user support, marketing and sales.

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Our Services

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Video Streaming

Eliminate buffering for smooth interrupted playback with our CDN infrastructure. We create your streaming platform for adsupported and pay-streaming VOD and LIVE with extended signal processing and secure delivery.

Web Acceleration

Make your website available and load faster everywhere, even on China mainland. We can host, cache and accelerate your website content specifically for the regions of your choice. If your site is slow, you are missing out on traffic, revenue and opportunities.

Software Distribution

Ensure fast downloads on a global scale to generate customer satisfaction by avoiding an interrupted customer journey.

Ad Serving

Leverage IPv6 and advanced SSL to ensure instant Ad delivery. With our caching technology Ads are being delivered via the shortest distance to the user call.

Game Delivery

Keep players happy and involved with quick updates and patches and improve their engagement with your business model.


Some of our clients

Our Expertise

Let us help you create a new lasting image for your brand

  • Our strong Broadcasting and Content Delivery background allows us to setup a solid infrastructure for your online presence

  • Many years of experience in marketing various brands help us understand to create appealing platforms with high usablilty

  • Having operated various entertainment entities we were able to collect valuable experience in organizing and running complex formats on a daily basis

Design & Development
Content Delivery

Helping our clients reach their full potential on the market.